Thank You for an Incredible Run!

Dear Leo’s Run Community: 

We awoke this sunny morning lifted from such an incredible event yesterday! There were so many caring hearts and hands that made it such a success - THANK YOU. We are honored to hold this gathering with a special mission to support those navigating grief. Leo's Run run/walk winds through nature and the streets of Silver Spring as an incredible collective toward this goal. 

Last year, Leo's Run funds made it possible to establish the 501c3, "Leo's Garden". Leo's Run for Leo's Garden will provide sponsorship for arts, yoga and other modalities to support grieving families with their healing.  

We are pleased to share we reached our goal of 250 registrants with 35 "Spirit Runners" from various corners of the world! The time results can be found here: Leo's Run Official Race Results

We’d like to send a special thank you to all of our sponsors.  Without their support and contributions we would not be able to produce this event.  A huge thanks to Merch Now for the shirts and screen printing, CSI for the (important!) signage, The Lab DC for the post-run breakdance entertainment, Kaldi's Coffee for fueling us with coffee and Einstein's Bagels to keep us carbo-loaded.  An entire list of our generous sponsors can be found here.

This year's raffle with special prizes was so much fun! We are thankful to
Furnace MFG, Live Nation/The FillmoreThe 9:30 ClubSky House Yoga, The Marriott in Silver Spring, Corte Salon (Carlos Perina), Kefa CafeDark Matter Coffee/Sip of Hope, Silver Spring Inc, and Monumental Sports for the Caps tickets! 

As we mentioned during the raffle yesterday, Solar City is offering Leo’s Run a donation for anyone who signs up for solar panels with them.  If you’re interested in this offering or want more information please contact Jamey Gerlaugh.

Lastly, we had many caring, funny and talented souls helping us behind the scenes - we extend a special  heartfelt thanks to Elizabeth Baer, Tim Haverland, The Gurganus Family, Kim Stryker, Eric Astor, Eric Peterson, all the volunteers, our Silver Spring Ave community, our friends and our loving families. 

We look forward to decompressing after an emotional week and rich day but our hearts are full and buoyed as we look forward next year’s event.  Mark your calendars for February 5, 2017!


Mike, Caroline and Leo

Leo’s Garden is a registered non-profit, Section 501(c)(3) non-profit of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.  
For further information on Leo’s Run, Leo’s Garden, or how you can help, please contact | |